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Costs of Travel for Unaccompanied Minors

Some parenting plans require the parents to fly the children back and forth between two distant places.  What some people do not realize before they start shopping for the cheapest fare is the fact that different airlines charge different fees for minor children to fly without an adult chaperone.  This chart has the unaccompanied minor […]

Some things just need to be said — by the Court.

It is always interesting when a high court puts commentary or other unexpected language into their published opinions.  Here is a very recent statement from the Arkansas Supreme Court, as it gives a bit of a tongue lashing to the lower appellate court: It is unfortunate that this case was certified to our court in […]

California Gun Trusts, Part 2

Part one of gun trusts left you wondering what is a gun trust, how can it help you, and will it be worth it after all is said and done? Before discussing the benefits of a gun trust, consider these California gun transfer requirements. A firearm may only be loaned to immediate family (parent, child, […]

Zero Alimony Deduction for a Split Bonus, Tax Court Says | AccountingWEB

I do not think anybody actually likes paying income taxes, no matter what they say. True, the many benefits of taxes include things like roads, police, and even my beloved courthouses, but it is hard to part with a portion of every cent I earn. In a divorce, child support and spousal support issues have […]

California Gun Trusts, Part 1

California Gun Trusts Part 1 – History of Gun Regulation Run. Hide. Fight. That is the advice given to people who are involved in a massacre shooting. Run if you can, hide if necessary, and fight if you must. No one should ever be in the situation where “run, hide, fight” is reality, but the […]

How To Keep A Divorce From Wrecking Your Finances

This is an interesting new technology that claims to eliminate a lot of the legal and emotional turmoil of a divorce.  I am interested to see whether it gains any popularity. Divorce is always sad, but when it turns ugly, it’s terrible. You may remember The War of the Roses, the dark comedy where Kathleen […]

Getting along after its over.

This is an interesting article from People magazine about a couple who, after their divorce, gets together for a family picture each year for the benefit of their child. Experience tells me this couple’s relationship is pretty unusual; however, it certainly sets an example of understanding how your relationship can influence your child’s life. Whenever […]